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Dorm Items You Actually Need

Here are 10 dorm items every new college student could use at move-in. Some of them may surprise you!

Good graduation gifts

Good Graduation Gifts

Graduation gifts that aren’t totally lame Are you about to give up and buy a stuffed animal holding a diploma...

Oscar Nominees 2017

From college to La La Land -- Not all Oscar winners were drama majors. Here are five Academy Award nominees from various categories and where they went to college.

Admitted Early Decision? Don’t Lose Your Offer

So you're admitted early decision. Great! Don't think you can just take the rest of your senior year off. Keep up the good work that got you accepted, so your college doesn't have to pull your offer. Yes -- It happens, and no one likes it.

Transferring Colleges Mid-Year

You may have strong reasons for considering transferring colleges mid-year after only a single semester, but in many cases there are compelling reasons to wait it out for at least one more term.