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10 Ways Parents Can Leave a Negative Impression With the Admissions Office

Beware, over-stepping parents! You might just step right into your child's way if you leave a less-than-great impression with the admissions office.

empty nest during a pandemic

When Helicopter Parents Go Too Far: Enough Is Enough

You are doing your child no favors if you're doing everything for them. Raising children who have never had to handle things themselves does not serve them well.

college cost saving

College Cost Saving

Here’s a college cost saving tip: See your advisor. College cost saving is a top concern of parents and college-bound...

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College Reading List Scary Stories

Fitting in some fun reading among all the school work can be hard. Good thing these classic scary stories often appear on the college reading list!

Surprise reaction to the empty nest.

Surprise Reaction to the Empty Nest

College move-in should be a snap for a self-avowed "tough love" parent who worked at a college for more than a decade, right? Turns out sending your first born out into the wild world is a very big deal, regardless of experience and preparation.