Dealing with Stress during the College Prep Process – #CampusChat Wrapup

Takeaway Tweets & #CampusChat Transcripts from April 23, 2014 with guest Fern Weis (@ParentTeenGuide) Parent Coach & Educator, founder of Click here to read the complete transcript on Storify.

Dealing with stress during the college prep process

Q1-What are the most common areas of stress among teens?

A1- #Stress for college prep goes on for years- courses, grades, SATs, apps, #parents, #financialaid #campuschat

A1-Social relationships always changing, today’s BFF is tomorrow’s enemy, pressure to conform, inclusion, exclusion, drugs #campuschat

A1- #Stress Symptom: Body image, more for girls.  Too fat, thin, skin, hair, clothes  #campuschat


Q2-What is stress? Is there good stress, too?

A2- #Stress Reaction – Body reacts w/hormones to uncomfortable situations or danger – fight or flight response  #campuschat

A2-Good #stress -public speaking, preparing 4 dance, foul shot that wins or loses game. Event over, hormones return to normal #campuschat

A2- #Stress overload – ongoing, low or high level stress.  Changing schools, divorce, death, #bullying  #campuschat



Q3-How do teens respond to normal stress and stress overload?

A3-Moods/relationships-Impatient, irritable, sad, depression anxiety, overwhelmed, take it out on family/friends, stop HW #campuschat

A3-Physical- stomach/headaches, allergic reactions, hives, changes in eating, sleeping, hygiene #campuschat

A3-Self-abuse/risky behaviors –secretive, alcohol, #drugs, eating disorders, #cutting when they don’t know how to cope #campuschat

Q4-Why does stress increase during the college prep process?

A4- #Stress increase-Feeling that today’s choices are forever choices. What if I choose wrong? Make mistakes? #campuschat

A4-Pressure of maintaining grades & getting into the “best” #college, worries about #money #campuschat

A4-Long, drawn-out process, lots of waiting. Life revolves around this, in family and with friends #campuschat



Q5-How do parents increase the stress during college prep?

A5- #Stress from #parents: hover, micromanage around #grades, #homework, extracurriculars  #campuschat

A5-Parents nag about studying, prepping for SAT/ACT, completing apps, comparing to others #campuschat

A5-Complaining about pressures of financing #college, or college #loans. #campuschat

Q6-Can you recommend some ways to de-stress during senior year and college decisions?

A6-Destress-Learn something new (cooking, art), build something, play in the snow/sand, help someone else #campuschat

A6-Mindset -Share what you’re thinking and feeling.  Learn to ask for help. View problems as temporary and solvable  #campuschat

A6-Physical -Get sleep. Relax (reading, hot shower, dance, sing, pets, yoga, meditation, exercise) #campuschat

Q7-What is the best response when the stress of waiting becomes overwhelming?

A7- +response -Stop checking online! Find something else to do – sports, school play, #volunteer work #campuschat

A7- +response -Avoid ‘senior slide’. Keep working in classes and make sure midterm #grades go to #college #campuschat

A7- +response -Use a trusted teacher or #counselor for support. Remember you R strong, adaptable, WILL get into #college #campuschat


Q8- How can parents help teens during the process and while waiting for acceptances?

A8-Parents-Be a great listener. Acknowledge thr feelings (I hear how frustrated/anxious/worried you are)

A8-Parents-In a calm moment, ask how you can help (with the process, or to support them) #campuschat

A8-Parents-Be the voice of reason. There is no perfect #college. He’ll survive the process. Remind her of past #success. #campuschat

Q9-What are the best ways parents should deal w/ their own stress from dealing with teen stress? #campuschat

A9-Your #teen picks up and feeds off your #anxiety. Do your own de-stressing, and be there to support them #campuschat

A9-You can’t eliminate thr #stress. It may be unpleasant, but they will survive #college process & disappointment, so will you #campuschat

A9-Follow same advice you’d give them! Focus on what you can control, get busy w/ the rest of your life #campuschat


Q10 What 3 things do you want to leave us with tonight?

A10-Watch out for signs of #stress #anxiety. Normal, or signs of overload?  Get help if needed      #campuschat

A10- Be a good listener and help kids vent. Acknowledge what they’re feeling without judging or fixing  #campuschat

A10-Make sure teens have opps for exercise, creativity, friends, positive experiences #campuschat


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