2024 Marist Mindset List: A New Perspective, New Kindness

2024 marist mindset list

UPDATE 9/8/2020: As predicted, the new Marist Mindset List is a forward thinking snapshot of “how” the Class of 2024 thinks, not “when” they started thinking. It is rich and thought provoking.

The Marist Mindset List for the Class of 2024

Before you go much further, you should know that as this writing, the 2024 Marist Mindset List hasn’t been released. I’m suspecting it’s going to be soon. But there’s a different perspective heading into it this year. Bear with me for a minute.

Marist College took over the famous Beloit College Mindset List last year. Co-founders Tom McBride and Ron Nief, and professor Charles Westerberg, made the “They’re So Young” list a shareable tradition. Nothing pinpoints how old you feel when your experiences are placed against youth’s inexperiences.

But now, looking back, the 2023 list felt a little more pointed. It felt a bit more editorialized. I think the Beloit writers’ perspectives became too removed from the now-college-sophomores to be objective.

Some examples from last year:

  • Snapchat has become their social media app of choice, thus relieving them of the dilemma of whether or not to friend Mom.   (I’m a Mom on Snapchat…)
  • Skilled DJs have transitioned into turntablists. (But they’re still DJs…)
  • They have grown up with Big Data and ubiquitous algorithms that know what they want before they do.
  • The nation’s mantra has always been: “If you see something, say something.”
  • Nearly half of their generation is composed of people of color.

Moving Forward

This year’s list, when it is released, will be the collaboration of three professors at Marist. List director Associate English Professor Tommy Zurhellen hopes it will be “a cultural compass that tracks the challenges and celebrates the accomplishments of each incoming college class.”

An article from the Marist College website explains what the new lists will look and feel like:

The new Marist Mindset team hopes to offer a streamlined, more concise look at the complex issues facing college students and their families today with more diverse viewpoints represented. When it is released in August, the new Marist Mindset List will focus on identifying trends in ten major areas: arts, commerce, education, ethics, fashion, history and politics, language and literacy, science, sports communication, and technology.

“These content areas are all interrelated. Our goal is to create a comprehensive yet inclusive list that touches on each of the areas listed above,” said Zurhellen. “This will give incoming first-year college students, their professors, and even their parents some common ground to discuss the issues that matter most to our college students today.”

Marist College

More of What Unites

2020 is teaching many lessons. An important one, to this writer, is finding the unity and sameness across generations. While it’s always been fun and surprising to read “how young” the next group of college freshmen are, it only serves to divide us.

As a Mom to a Class of 2023 college AND high school student, maybe the 2024 Marist mindset list can be a celebration of similarity. Maybe the 2024 list of trends and interrelations can be, in a word, kinder. The Class of 2024 just finished one of the most fractured senior years in history. Let’s give them support in what we have, collectively, moving forward. They don’t need more of what sets them apart from others. They’re attending their first year of college in difficult times. Let’s give them kindness.

When the list is released, this article will be updated. I hope you return to find out how we are more alike than we are different.

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