Virtual College Tours: The Future of Campus Visits With Campus 360

Virtual College Tours with Campus 360

Are you searching online for colleges? We speaking with Campus 360 co-founder and president Gavin Newton-Tanzer on CampusChat Facebook Live! Find out how to use virtual college tours to your best advantage.

Posted by Smart College Visit on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Did your summer college visit plans get a little sidelined? Not a lot of visit travel going on in quarantine? The COVID-19 pandemic has changed, and will continue to change, life as we know it. Rising high school juniors and seniors haven’t been stuck at home this summer. No one has been able to travel to colleges in advance of application season. But you know what? Technology is pacing the campus visit needs right now. Virtual college tours have advanced dramatically in the last few months. We’re betting you’ll fall down a campus visit rabbit hole once you dive in.

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, we hosted Gavin Newton-Tanzer, co-founder and president of Campus 360 on CampusChat Facebook Live. Campus 360 is making strides in both the VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) arenas. Their cloud-based technology stores campus tour data. With ever-faster phone and tablets, the tours load almost immediately.

This tour from Rutgers Prep is just a sample of Campus 360’s image resolution and clarity.

Campus 360 has dozens of campus visits on their site. While most of these tours are hosted through the universities themselves, you can start at Campus 360 to get your bearings.

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The Pokemon Go of College Tour Experiences

You can also check out their AR demo. If you’re a Pokemon Go fan, you’ll understand this kind of tour. No access to a building? No problem. With an AR campus visit, you’ll be able see inside.

The experience is different if you’re viewing on a tablet or phone. If you have a VR headset, be sure and click the headset button to get the split-screen view before you put it in your viewer. Need a viewer? Check out our Amazon listings below.

Combine these tours with the college search data, and you can start getting that campus visit list narrowed down, without leaving your couch.

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