College Move-In Fall 2020: The COVID-19 Edition CampusChat Live

college move-in

It’s time to head to college, students. It’s college move-in time! Yes, there’s still a pandemic on, but your colleges and universities have been putting plans in place and the big box stores are full of supplies. If you’re a freshman, we still want you to have a fun and memorable experience. This is a big moment in your life! If you’re an upperclassman, we want you to get “back” to your life.

Keyword here: Life. With careful planning, a lot of masks and wipes, and personal responsibility, everyone can get to campus, and stay there.

On the July 30th CampusChat Live, Kelly and Kiley discussed what is the “same” for this college move-in season, and what, of course, is really different.

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College Move-In 2020

How to keep your calm during a stressful time. We aren't using the word "unprecedented" because we just can't look at that word again.

Posted by Smart College Visit on Thursday, July 30, 2020

Here are some of the articles we mentioned in the Facebook Live. The old supplies and needs are still needed, but you’ll need a few more things this time. Yes, many schools are supplying wipes and such, but you know you’re going to need and want more.

Dorm Needs 2020: Cleaning Supplies, Masks, Hand Sanitizer

Dorm Items You Actually Need

College Dorm Move-in Just Got Easier with DormCo

10 Important Things to Bring for Move-In Day (and Then Leave Behind)

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