Student Athletes: Three Key Points to Know During COVID-19 (And Always)

student athletes and college admissions

On Thursday, June 4, Smart College Visit hosted a CampusChat Live on Facebook, focusing specifically on student athletes and college admissions. Chad Dorman of Leonard Andrew Consulting agency, who specializes in helping athletes craft their admissions packages, shared three key points to remember during the COVID-19 pandemic. But most of these tips are good to remember all the time. How are you putting your best image forward, now and always?

Coronavirus Impact: Student Athletes & College Admissions

Three key points for student athletes to keep in mind right now, with Chad Dorman at Leonard Andrew Consulting.

Posted by Smart College Visit on Thursday, June 4, 2020


While it might be off-season for almost every sport, keeping in touch with coaches is a good idea. And not just your high school coaches. If you’re a junior or senior, and already interested in specific colleges, drop those coaches or assistant coaches an email. Keep them updated on your training. Did you hit the gym hard and improve your bench press? Tell them about it. Keep your name in the front of their minds.

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Personal Marketing

You’re in charge of your own image, and how you market that image. When emailing, talking in person, or making clip reels, remember you’re putting forward the best version of yourself. Social media is included in that as well, remember!

Focus on ‘Whole Self’

You are an interesting and engaging person AND you excel in your sport. That’s a little different than you’re interesting BECAUSE you excel in your sport. Admissions officers and coaches want to see a well-rounded you. Besides your sport, what else do you do? What are your other passions? How do they help you as an athlete. Highlight those and share them too. During the pandemic, there are lots of opportunities to try something new and meaningful.

One last important thing to keep in mind? With all of the uncertainty due to the pandemic, no one really does know what’s going to happen. Don’t be surprised if coaches respond with a truthful “I don’t know what’s going to happen” if you ask scheduling questions. We really do need to wait and see.

Student athletes and college admissions isn’t a completely different game. It’s another layer of communication and personal projection. Keep your communications, personal marketing, and whole self in mind, and you’ll be ahead of the game. So to speak.

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Be sure and check out the Facebook Live video above. Chad Dorman is happy to help answer questions you might have as well!

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