Share Your Virtual Graduation Party to Win an Amazon Gift Card

virtual graduation party
Let’s throw that virtual graduation party, shall we?

Are you planning a virtual graduation party? We’ve heard from a lot of students and families who are! And while we know it’s not exactly what you were hoping, it’s something to do as a placeholder. Your “real” party can happen in time. But for now, a virtual graduation party can be something to mark your accomplishments. Invite those friends and family who can’t be with you, in person just now.

Zoom parties are all the rage, right? If people can get married on Zoom, you can graduate on Zoom!

And yes we know so many of you are waiting for a “real” party, but what’s the harm in TWO? With all the stress we’ve gone through, we deserve all the parties, real or virtual.

To make it a little sweeter, we’re asking readers to share their party pics (or even screenshots) with us. Be sure and use the contest widget below. Each task you do earns you another entry into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card. That could get a few more power strips, right?

So, get your hashtags going and share your favorite family pictures. Post that “I’m in the front yard with my gown on” pic. Take pictures of your drive-thru diploma ceremony. We want to see a big Zoom screencapture. Screenshot and snip Grandma trying to figure out her camera during FaceTime, and put it online (with love). The Virtual Graduation Party contest submissions go from May 15 through June 15, so we can celebrate both college and high school graduates!

#SCVVirtualParty your pants off (because really, who knows what’s under that gown).

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