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virtual college tours online
They can’t see a thing. Wave your hands in front of their faces.

If you’re a rising senior this summer, you’ve hopefully started planning some college visits. But how is that going to happen during the coronavirus Summer of Nothing? Like everything, you’re going to have to do virtual college tours online. Yes, we’re tired of virtual things too. But there’s only so much time, and we want you to stay safe!

SCV has been working in the virtual campus tour online space for a while. And, honestly, we wanted the tours to improve long before the coronavirus. But we have what we have now, and if you’re savvy (and we know you are), you can get a pretty good idea of a campus with a combination of online tours, Google maps, and YouTube videos.

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Colleges and universities are getting creative… because they have to! Zoom information tours, interactive maps, and one-on-one chats are popping up daily on the college admissions tour scene. We’re highlighting some of our favorite university tours.

Georgetown University

Georgetown has a YouVisit tour (more about them below), but it also looks like an American version of Hogwarts, so we’re starting here. Get used to this format!


UCLA is a YouVisit tour as well, but it’s, well, beautiful. We’re also highlighting this school because it has been in the news recently. The UC system announced they’re dropping the SAT and/or ACT requirements for admission for the next few years. Maybe that’ll push you to applying?

Texas A&M

You actually get individual virtual tours with Texas A&M! Once you register, you get a Zoom link, and one of the Howdy Crew students takes you around campus! Super cool and one of the best we’ve seen.

Colorado State University

Colorado State has a gorgeous campus, and uses a combination of virtual tour pieces to show it off. It also has a “3 tips for maximizing your virtual visit” list that you should check out too (and apply to all online visits).

University of Michigan

Michigan starts with a very cool YouTube information session video and then another tour. There’s also a beautiful video of their nearly-empty campus right now that’s sure to inspire.

Ohio State University

Ohio State is a huuuuge university in the middle of a large city. Its virtual tour includes a YouVisit link and walking maps.

North Carolina Universities

OK, this is more than 10 schools (17 to be exact), but one app will get you all the tours. From Appalachian State in the mountains to UNC Wilmington at the beach, North Carolina has a lot to check out.

University of Washington

UDub, as it’s known, does their tours on their YouTube channel, with seven different themed videos.

University of Chicago

UChicago has incorporated their campus map into a jump-to-jump style of tour. Videos of different areas pop up depending on what stop you select on the map. You can also register for an online information session.

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is located in Malibu. During this Summer of Nothing, it’s good to look at the beach, right? There’s lots of other videos as well.

One Last Note

YouVisit is probably the most popular “virtual tour” company for universities. You’ll see YouVisit is pretty much synonymous with virtual college tours online. But we’re going to use the term virtual loosely. Most of the tours are a series of 360° images, both inside and outside of campus buildings. Many of the tours have been adapted for VR headsets, so if you have one, you’re in luck. If you don’t, check out this Amazon search link. With over 600 tours available, it might be worth starting at their website and backing into the colleges.

Our friend The College Spy really liked DePauw’s YouVisit tour:

You can start your college search online, too, at You can search by a variety of options, and get a list customized just for you.

Did you find a virtual college tour online that goes above and beyond the basics? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll add them! In the meantime, we’ll get our VR headsets ready.

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