Still Undecided for Fall 2020? These Colleges Have Available Spaces


This spring is definitely not the typical admissions cycle. With the uncertainty of final grades, travel, and finances, choosing a college or university to attend this fall has been a harrowing experience. Are you a student that still isn’t sure what school you want to attend? You are still in luck. Some great colleges have available spaces.

There are over 750 colleges and universities who are not only still accepting applications from prospective freshman and/or transfer students, but making offers.

For over 30 years, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) publishes a post-May 1 listing of “Options for Qualified Students.” If you’re unsure of your choice, or still haven’t made one, or maybe didn’t get the offers you were hoping for, we urge you to check it out. Maybe a college that wasn’t on your radar before will look interesting now?

The NACAC College Openings Database

Given the extraordinary circumstances of 2020, we hope this resource can help colleges that are still seeking students for fall enrollment to connect with students who haven’t yet found a place to attend.

Joyce E. Smith, NACAC

Some of the variables you can use to sort the list are state, country, and financial aid. If you want to make a second pass at other schools, this is your chance. Colleges have available spaces… you just need to act quickly.

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Colleges and Universities Still Looking For Students

Just to pique your interest, a selection of some of the schools include:

So get to applying… again, students. You never know where you actually might end up after this crazy year.

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