Online SAT Test Coming This Fall

online SAT test

In response to school and testing centers closings due to the coronavirus, COVID-19, the College Board announced new online SAT test options beginning August 2020. College Board CEO David Coleman stressed the company’s commitment to public health and safety as their first priority. Their second priority is “to make the SAT as widely available as possible for students who wish to test, regardless of the economic or public health circumstance.”

With that, he provided three options for testing this fall:

  • Weekend SAT testing beginning in August and continuing through the end of December.
  • Fall testing during school days will be offered to schools. Specific details about state and district testing is forthcoming.
  • An online, at-home, version of the SAT will be made available should schools not reopen in the fall.

With many universities going test-optional, why is this important?


Test-optional is not a new phenomenon. There are many colleges and universities (at least 1,000), that do not require either the SAT or ACT. However, that does not mean that testing is going away or is not still important.

GPA and test scores play a major role in the review of college applications. What students need to pay attention to is how each college defines “test-optional.” It’s not the same for each institution. Some universities may require the SAT or ACT for specific (as in their most competitive) majors.

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Test scores could also be required for international students or home-schooled students. If you’re wondering if you’d fair better by not taking the SAT, be sure to explore all the requirements at the particular college you plan to apply to. Don’t cut yourself short or eliminate an opportunity because test-optional seems like a “get out of jail free” card. It’s not. Testing is still an important factor in the college admissions process. So keep up with test prep. You won’t regret it.

Choosing to the online SAT test could be the best way to have best of both worlds.

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