Coronavirus Impact: What Has Your College Decided to Do for Fall 2020?

college decisions for fall 2020

Update: The California State University system is planning to cancel nearly all in-person classes until spring semester 2021, according to its chancellor, Timothy White.

Due to social distancing and quarantine recommendations, schools across the country shuttered their campuses this spring. Has your chosen or current college or university made a decision about what will happen this fall?

The Chronicle of Higher Ed is keeping an up-to-date list of college decisions for Fall 2020. Bookmark it now. But only use it as a “plain speak” resource.

College List for Reopening Plans

If you’re not carefully reading the emails from your college and/or major administration, do so. And we stress carefully.

Here’s the sure-to-be unpopular bit: They won’t say details yet. Colleges aren’t going to make the big decisions about start dates until they have a firmer number of committed incoming freshman. That means into June or perhaps July.

With gap years and leave of absences, not to mention fewer international students, cancelled sporting events, and other lost on-campus activities, colleges and universities will lose billions this year. That’s with a b. They’re trying to determine how to offset those losses against health risks. No one wants to create an on-campus spike in infections. All of these considerations are a shell game no one wanted to play.

The other unpopular bit? Don’t look for any out-of-state tuition reduction if schools remain online. See the point about the billions lost above.

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State governors and administrations will play a big part in college decisions for Fall 2020 as well. Watch state press releases and conferences for details concerning state infection rates and news.

Visit our special coronavirus article page.

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