College Essays in the Time of COVID-19: CampusChat Live

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On Wednesday, April 15, the Smart College Visit team tried something new… for the second time. We went live on Facebook with our new feature, CampusChat Live!

Yes, we tried to go live the week before, but all good things need one hiccup. Technology gave us ours. But after getting some training and a great app in place, everything worked out well. The moral of that story? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Kelly Queijo, Kelly Rawlings, and Kiley Thompson spent a few minutes discussing a topic that comes up time and time again with college counselors: what do we write our essays about?

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During this time of pandemic, all three agreed that it’s fine to write about the pandemic, but not as the main topic. Instead, let it be the frame to something else you’ve done, learned, or experienced. Everyone is living through the same situation globally right now. Don’t waste your essay space explaining what quarantine or the coronavirus is. Instead share something that made an impact in your life because of it.

Top Tip: Counselors love a good story. There are millions of them happening right now. What is yours?

Watch the Facebook Live here for more college essays information and tips! And you can learn about the SCV team too (we’re all on lockdown too)!

College Essays In the Time of COVID-19

Welcome to CampusChat Live, the SCV Team Wednesday "happy hour." We're discussing how high school and college students should approach using the current pandemic as a topic in essays. You'll get to know us a little bit too! Welcome!

Posted by Smart College Visit on Wednesday, April 15, 2020
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