Virtual Graduation Party Ideas: Get Grandma On Zoom, Order Decorations, and More

virtual graduation party

Due to the cancellations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., many states and thousands of schools systems and universities have been forced to cancel traditional ceremonies in favor of virtual graduation. Students who’ve spent their whole lives are now being given online options or postponements that may not have the same, literally, pomp and circumstance. But we’re here to help you plan something that, while not replacing the original, might be, in its own way, memorable.

Please know this: By writing this, I’m in no way minimizing the grief associated with these changes. I’m devastated for my family and friends who can’t gather in person to celebrate the class of 2020’s accomplishments. But during this time, we can still make plans, and have something new to look forward to. Even if it’s virtual.

Because in many ways, our “new normal” is going to be a lot more virtual get-togethers. We’re already doing work calls online, and friends are gathering for virtual coffee and happy hours. Why not a big family reunion online? With decorations and cake?

It might not be what you originally wanted, but it’s better than moping. Mope now. Grieve. Be mad and sad. And then, let’s plan some parties.

Plan A Virtual Party*

While everyone is still isolating, you have some time to plan a virtual party. Keep it around your same graduation time, Get your cap and gown together, order some decorations for delivery, and send out evites to your entire family and friends list. The more the merrier! Group parties too!

During these times, it’s important to support local businesses. Call your local party shop and see if they’re open at all. They might be, and they might be able to do a curbside pickup of decorations. Mail them to your guest list! If they aren’t, online suppliers can send you orders, and importantly, send orders to your invited guests too! Some online party supplies like Shindigz and Party City have huge selections of decor.

We especially love these giant photo cutouts… everyone can have a graduate to pose with!

Use an online invitation service like Evite, pick a day and time for everyone to gather together (they have lots of online tools you can use as well). Have everyone make or get the graduate’s favorite foods or desserts (or picky Aunt Karen can make her own favorites and you won’t have to eat them).

Here are a bunch of different products on Amazon you can order and send wherever too!

Get Grandma On Zoom

I can hear the indignant yells now, from all the grandparents. “We know what to do online!” I know you’re much savvier than the media makes you out to be, everyone! As a family, choose a video conferencing system like group Facetime or Zoom, and get everyone trained on it. You can have dozens of people on at once! If your friends and family are on Facebook, you can use that conferencing as well.

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Virtual graduation won’t replace a real in-person graduation. And we hope once self-isolation is lifted, all of the graduates are able to get real hugs from their loved ones. But in the meantime, a virtual graduation party could be just the thing to give our anxious minds something to do.

Just think of the fun screenshots you can get of Grandma and Aunt Karen during your virtual graduation party, safe in their houses.

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