Colleges Change Decision Deadlines Due to Coronavirus

May 1 decision day

In our article, College Admissions and Coronavirus: How Should You Make a Decision?, we recommended that students who have received offers of admission follow the tradition of accepting an offer and making a deposit by the college’s acceptance date. This date, also known as the “Candidate Reply Date” has traditionally been May 1, but given the impact of COVID-19, many colleges and universities are extending the deadline.

We assume (hope) that if you’ve been offered admission, you are actively reading emails from colleges regarding updates. Changes to deadlines, information about financial aid, and a host of other things are still being sent out by universities. To help everyone keep up with changes to the reply date and other important data, the National Association for College Admission Consulting (NACAC) has released a searchable catalog detailing campus-specific changes.

The NACAC College Admission Status Update is a free resource and, as of this writing, represents close to 1,000 colleges reporting their status. The number of colleges participating/reporting will continue to increase as we get closer to the traditional May 1 decision day deadline.

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