3 Things to Do While Waiting for College Decisions


Are you playing the Waiting Game waiting for college decisions to be made? While many colleges do rolling admissions now (meaning they send out decisions as fast as they can make them), lots still play by the April 1 rule. No decisions out until then. Or maybe you’ve gotten some acceptances and you’re taking your time pondering them? That is also a Waiting Game, of sorts. You’re waiting for inspiration to strike maybe? What can you do from now until you have to put that deposit down at a school and commit? We have three ideas.

And NONE of these are “look for scholarships” because… you’re already doing that, riiiight?

Get On Social Media

Students are already creating college communities online, and you should check them out. See how those communities feel for you. They’re a virtual creation of what campus could be like when or if you get there next year. Search IG for the college or universities’ new freshman class hashtags. See what your “maybe” peer groups are saying about themselves. Some are even finding roommates!

Get Your Papers In Order

We know you’re keeping those grades up… riiiight? Also make sure the College Board has your schools’ information. That’s going to be important for this spring’s AP tests and other final information. Make sure your FAFSA is filled out and also has all of the schools you’re interested in. Also, make sure to keep your guidance counselor informed as to your thought process. They might have some new info to help make your decision or a connection who could turn out to be valuable!

Visit Campus Again

We know your spring is packed full, but get yourself to those admitted student open houses (if offered). Those events are when colleges and universities really roll out the red carpets. Even if you’re still waiting for a decision, another visit may just be enough to push you into a “yes.” Demonstrated interest is a real, and powerful, thing. So make plans to get back to those campuses, and most importantly, let the admissions offices know you’re coming.

In the end, you have a big decision to make, and we suggest taking all the time you can to make it (especially wait for scholarship and financial aid information before committing anywhere!) Waiting for college decisions — either yours or theirs — can be productive. Don’t stress (easier said than done, we know)! Be smart, and listen to your gut!

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