Coronavirus and Your College Student

coronavirus college student

Are you talking or thinking about the coronavirus, or COVID-19? Join the hand-washing club! And there are a lot of college students out there, in large groups of people, far from home and parental protections. It’s not a bad idea to think about the coronavirus and your college student. But how can you calmly and rationally help your student prepare for illnesses that may (or may not) occur in their area?

Common Sense

Let’s start with the facts: there’s an article from the CDC called “Share Facts, Not Fear” and we think it’s important.

A lot of what the CDC and other organizations are recommending are simply common sense steps to staying healthy, period. Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds at a time. Don’t touch your face, and never sneeze or cough into your hand. And most importantly, stay in bed if you’re sick!

That last tip is going to be hard for the student who is dedicated to class attendance. But during these times, as universities are aware of the situation and sending out information to parents and students, professors will also be on top of things. Be sure to stress to your student to email and communicate as much as possible with their professors if they come down with something… anything!

Our article about helping your sick college student applies to this situation too.

Does your student use a communal bathroom? Or a suite bathroom? While colleges take extra steps to keep public places like bathrooms and libraries clean, it can’t hurt to be armed with some antibacterial wipes.

Student Health Services

More than likely, your college student’s health center is already working hard against the “normal” flu and colds, which travel around college campuses like wildfire. They can always start there if they’re feeling run down or feverish. Make sure they take the appropriate steps to make an appointment to be seen, and then get in and out as quickly as possible.


We’re big fans of telemedicine, or speaking with doctors and other health professionals through the magic of the Internet. Not only can you get licensed, sound health advice, but you can do it without leaving the comfort of your dorm room or apartment.


Does your student have plans to study abroad or take any spring break trips? Stress the basics of good hygiene again. Try to keep from touching surfaces like handrails and doorknobs. Wash hands often. Also, invest in some antibacterial wipes and gel for airplanes. Trays, seats, and seat belts should be wiped down.

Additionally, if the program is based with their university, there should be detailed communication between them and their students. Some schools are already changing or canceling trips. Be sure to stay in the know.

With a little bit of extra awareness, the coronavirus and your college student definitely don’t have to meet. Now go wash your hands!

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