Ending the Community College Stigma

It’s time to stop making community college a second choice or a fallback option. It’s time to look at community college as a smart choice. Let’s all make posters! Let’s end the stigma of community college!

OK, maybe we don’t need a march or posters yet. But as college costs continue to rise, the weight of college debt looms heavy on graduates, and the accessibility and availability of community college courses continues to grow, you need to consider this path. It’s worth it. And we have a bunch of reasons why, in many cases, starting at the community college may be the smartest way to get an education.

Get the Basics Done

All universities require student to fulfill a certain group of “core” classes. Community colleges know what those courses are, and in many cases, have worked up reciprocation agreements with state colleges and universities to easily transfer those credits, if you are working to eventually transfer. So, what’s it going to be? Paying hundreds of dollars for a class or maybe one hundred for the same class?

Cost Is An Issue

No one is ever going to tell you that a 4-year degree is cheap. Are there less expensive options? Sure. But if the cost of pursing a 4-year degree is an issue, at all, supplementing with community college classes, or starting out in community college and then transferring to a 4-year program needs to be considered.

Is anyone going to suggest you weren’t smart to take advantage of a debt-free path to a bachelor’s degree? Nope.

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Flexible Class Schedules

Community college schedules are highly flexible. Many classes are held in the evenings or online only, making them the perfect option for a student who is working as much as possible. Many people can hold down a full-time job and pursue classes in the evening. Check out the local college’s schedules to see for yourself.

‘Goldilocks’ Approach

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up? Don’t worry. Most adults don’t either. With community college classes, you can investigate different majors and career paths without the commitment of 4-year tuition prices. Investigate! Have fun! You never know where your passion is going to lie.

Smaller Classes Equal More Attention

Giant universities often equal giant classes. Large survey classes are the norm! Maybe you’re from a smaller high school and used to smaller classes and more one-on-one attention. Community colleges can help you transition from those classes to larger ones.

Just Not Ready Yet

Does the prospect of leaving home and heading off to a big, new campus scare you? That’s OK. Really. It’s more important to know yourself and your needs than it is to spend money on tuition, room, and board. It’s ok to give yourself some time to mature and still pursue a quality education.

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Technical Careers Are Important

The only person who is ever going to chide you for not having a degree from a big-name university is the same guy who will gladly pay whatever it takes when his pipes burst at 3am and he needs an emergency plumber. Technical careers are valued and important. If you feel a technical career is more your speed, the community college path is for you.

Finally, consider this idea. Do you ever ask people where they started their education? Hardly ever. You ask where people graduated from. Be smart. Use your time and money wisely. Keep it in mind when considering what you’re doing after high school graduation.

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