10 ‘Harry Potter’ College Necessities

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Hello, Harry Potter fans and Potterhead friends! Do you need a couple of magical items to show your allegiance with the Wizarding World while attending college? We have ten magical goodies worthy of true witches and wizards (even if you aren’t attending Hogwarts).

Aguamenti Water Bottle with Time Marker

Even witches and wizards need water. With the busy schedule that comes with Hogwarts, sorry, College, we might all benefit from a small reminder to drink more water throughout the day. Aguamenti!

Hogwarts House Banner

Although we might not be at Hogwarts, that does not mean we can’t show our house pride. This is an easy way to add a personal touch to a dorm room, plus being a great conversation starter between roommates.

Hogwarts Comforter

Speaking of room decor, why not take it a step further and bring the theme to your bedding? Everybody needs a comforter, better yet a magical one! This comes in a few different styles for you to choose the one that suits you best.

Harry Potter Pencils

Though not at Hogwarts, one could always use some magic. These adorable pencils come with some funny and memorable quotes from the series to inspire any Potterhead.

Harry Potter Backpack

Wizards need a place to put their spellbooks. This backpack is full of patterns inspired by the movies and is so pretty and minimal at the same time.

Dumbledore Wand Pen

The wand of all wands. Maybe its magical powers will help you on those complicated tests? Unlikely, but still very cool.

Hogwarts Phone Case

Muggles may not have magical power, but some of their inventions come pretty close. To match the marvel that are smartphones, a Hogwarts phone case will do the trick.

Hogwarts Journal

This may not be Tom Riddle’s diary, thank Merlin, but it will keep a record of all your adventures (maybe even take you on magical ones!). It can also be used as a regular notebook for you to write spells, I mean, history notes.

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Golden Snitch Aromatherapy Necklace

University life can be intense, and we can all use a little help some times. This necklace comes with a lava stone diffuser to put your favorite relaxing potions, I mean, essential oils, inside the Snitch. In true Hermione fashion, let’s all give this a big fat BRILLIANT!

Horcrux Bookmarks

Last, but most definitely not least, a wizard must have a way to mark his or her favorite spells and potions! These Horcruxes bookmarks are the perfect way to do so.

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations! Now, if you excuse me, I must go back to my parchments.

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