Visiting College Libraries: Why All of the Books Are Gone

visiting college libraries

If you haven’t read Electric Lit’s article, Librarians Are Secretly the Funnest People Alive, you should! It made me laugh and also realize I’ve not written about visiting college libraries in a long time. And since I last wrote about them, the books in college libraries have quietly disappeared.

But more about that in a moment. When you visit colleges, we always recommend that you check out a dorm room, eat at the dining hall and visit the library. Why? You’ll likely find yourself spending most of your non-class time in these three places. You may even find that the library is your escape from dorm life, socializing, and whatever else it is that keeps you from hitting the books. The library will become your respite and librarians, your human search engine.

Where Are the Books?

When you do visit the library, you (more than likely, your parents) might be surprised to find that there are very few books in collegiate libraries anymore. With that Internet thing changed a lot. Libraries are now places to gather, study in groups in private rooms, and even get coffee or food. Yes, food is allowed in most libraries now!

You might find museum-style university exhibits and displays, curated by the librarians. Many libraries also have large-scale printers, 3-D printers, plotters, and video and audio recording studios for use by students and the community. Sure, you’ll still find quiet carrels for individual study, but they’re more than likely on “quiet floors” and have lots of outlets for various laptops and phone chargers. The books will probably be on those quiet floors too!

We’d love to see pictures when you’re out visiting college libraries yourself! Send them to us on Facebook or Twitter! And be sure to digitally (look at that Internet) check out some college libraries we love:

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