Dorm Room Appliances: Items to Complete Your Tiny Kitchen Area

Updated June 3, 2020

dorm room appliances
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We recently shared 73 easy-for-a-student-to-make recipes. But what good is that list without the dorm room appliances you need (or want) to prepare them with? We’re not talking the microwaves and fridge, which you’re either bringing with you or renting (and you’ve also discussed with your soon-to-be roommate so you don’t end up with doubles, right?) And if you’re trying to avoid crowded dining halls, you’ll want some decent eating in your dorm room.

We’ve scoured Amazon to find compact and inexpensive items to help with your tiny dorm room kitchen and life. Here’s some of our favorites.

* Please note: This is a general list. Our dorm room appliances recommendations are good for 95% of dorms out there, but that is no substitution for your residence hall handbook and approval. Be sure to double check these items are allowed in your specific dorm room.

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker aka Teeny Keurig

Can we just say, first of all, how cute this thing is? And for a Keurig, it’s pretty inexpensive. It has an automatic shut-off, of course, so you won’t accidentally leave anything on. And of course, you need the reusable cups. Buy the coffee, fill the cups, empty, and wash them, save the earth while caffienating yourself.

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The Ubiquitous Hot Pot

A hot pot, or variable temperature kettle, is one of those must-have items for college. Are you even colleging if you don’t have a hot pot? It can be used not just to boil water for beverages and oatmeal, but also as a all-in-one cooker for ramen! I, personally, had two hot pots as a student. One for plain water and one just for ramen. Because no one wants ramen-flavored peppermint tea (or do they… hmmmm).

Top Ramen Microwave Rapid Cooker

Don’t need a hot pot but still need to keep your college student ramen levels high? This thing makes perfect ramen in the microwave (and yes, we’ve tested it. A lot.) No need for a measuring cup — there’s a “fill to here” line on it. And it doubles as a bowl. You wouldn’t think making ramen could be easier, but here we are.

If you need to show off your ramen love more, can we recommend this?

Giant Mugs

To go along with the first two items in this list, and many of the recipes in our recipe article (like meatloaf in a mug, mac and cheese in a mug, cake in a mug), you need some humongous bowl-like mugs. These are really all-purpose, from cereal and oatmeal to dinner. They’re heavy and close to indestructible too.

“Reheatza” Microwave Crisper

There’s nothing good about soggy rewarmed pizza. If you aren’t in the cold leftover pizza club (and you just might be before the end of college), this is for you. If used as directed, it will crisp up the bottom of your slices. It can also be used to make crispy in-microwave “grilled” cheese sandwiches too. And with a name like “Reheatza” you have to love it. REHEATZA.

Portable-Sized Garment Steam Iron

Finally, this one has nothing to do with food, but while you’re here, having an appliance to press out wrinkles in clothes (otherwise known as an iron) is a good idea. You never know when you might be invited to something fancy or get an interview or need to meet with someone important. This steam iron is travel-sized, so it won’t take up much room. You can use it on clothes hanging on a hanger (steaming) or laying on your bed (iron).

Communicate With the Roommate!

Just like every other non-personal, shareable item, please communicate with your roommates or suite-mates to keep doubles or triples from taking up space. While we love a good dorm room appliance or gadget, we dislike clutter more.

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