Last-Minute Paying for College Info: Sallie Mae Facebook Live

College bills are being generated, and as such, college costs have turned from estimates to actuals. How to pay for college is no longer a question. It’s the here and now! Sallie Mae, a partner of Smart College Visit, spent some time on Tuesday, July 16, helping anxious students and parents with some last-minute paying for college tips.

Mom and Sallie Mae team member, Jenn Chellew, joined host Winnie Sun on a Sallie Mae Facebook Live event to discuss what to do when the ends don’t quite meet at the very end of the college planning journey.

Jenn has two freshmen students this fall, attending the University of Delaware and Virginia Tech. With two students, mom Jenn admits while it’s been chaotic, but they’re ready. As a Sallie Mae financial expert, she has some suggestions for students who may not be quite there yet.

“Even if you’ve done a ton of planning, many feel we haven’t saved enough,” says Winnie. “Now with just a few weeks away, what can we do there’s a gap?”

Jenn says there’s still time to lay out your plans, from savings to scholarships. Then, see what gaps there might be between the on-hand money and what is needed. If needed, there’s still time to apply for and receive loan disbursements from private loan companies, like Sallie Mae.

One Loan Per Year

Importantly, calculate what is needed for the entire school year, using the first semester bill to plan. Be sure and include costs like laptops and transportation, if needed. That way, you only have one loan per year to keep track of and manage.

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For more paying for college tips, watch the Sallie Mae Facebook Live at the link above or visit them on Facebook.

Yes, loans can be scary, but careful, responsible financial planning can make sense as you pursue higher education. Shop around for the best deals and terms and conditions that make sense for you and your needs! And be sure to communicate with your college and university too!

We were guests of Sallie Mae last month! Check out our Facebook Live with them, on Summer College Visits.

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