Easy Student Meals: 73 Dorm Room Recipes for New College Cooks

Updated: June 3, 2020

easy student meals

Ok, we get it. Ramen is the stereotypical college student food. And we’re not saying it’s not good. It is… but in moderation. After a while, it might be saving you a few dollars and keeping you alive, but it’s slowly tapping your will to live. But we’re here to tell you the truth. There’s other easy student meals out there that only require a couple of ingredients and a microwave.

We’ve scoured the web for the best compilations of dorm room recipes and put them all here. Bookmark this, and your favorites from these sites!

The Inspired Home

This site has 16 recipes, most of them “in a mug” varieties. They range from easy in the microwave mac and cheese to microwave meatloaf (which might appeal on really cold nights when you’re pining for home and the dining hall is just too far away).

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A quick mom tip? Don’t buy a whole pound of ground meat if you’re not going to use it. Go to the butcher section and ask for portions.


The king website for all things quiz and listicles, Buzzfeed has 23 recipes all for the microwave, including their version of mac and cheese, butternut squash risotto, and salmon. Admittedly, fish in the microwave might be yummy, but be sure and open a window and apologize to your roommate (or share).

The Penny Hoarder

First of all, we love this site’s name. Bookmark it, frugal students. From in-a-mug French toast to of course, a mac and cheese recipe, Penny Hoarder’s list of 15 recipes are all under $5 a serving. And some of them are under $1! They have desserts too, like cheesecake and chocolate mug cakes.

All Recipes

Many a parent turns to All Recipes for food ideas, so you should to! They’ve compiled some of the best from their award-winning site, presenting the best 19 dorm room meals you can make. From omelets to freezable morning breakfast sandwiches to Frito pie, All Recipes has a bunch of variety, and hang on to your helmets, not one of them is for mac and cheese. But we think the other sites have that one covered.

Ramen Love

Finally, after all those ideas, you still love ramen? Yes we do too. Celebrate your love of ramen by decorating your dorm room and even your phone with it. But try and sneak some veggies into your other easy student meals, ok? Mom out.

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