Summer College Visits: Sallie Mae Facebook Live with Smart College Visit

Are you trying to figure out how and when to do college visits during the summer? Well, you’re in luck. Smart College Visit (yes, us!) chatted about summer college visits with Sallie Mae‘s Winnie Sun on Tuesday, June 18.

What are our three best tips?

  1. Do Your Prep Work: Don’t show up to a college or university without checking and rechecking their website. Research online to make sure everything and everyone you want to see is open. You can also try to make reservations with departments or professors, as their time might be a little more open during the summer than during the regular semester. But don’t assume the offices or campus is open, especially during the summer break.
  2. Talk to Strangers: Get over the fear of approaching strangers to ask questions. Be polite, but try. Most students will recognize that you’re just trying to get a good picture of their school, and since summer isn’t “prime time” at a college or university, you’ll need to ask and use your imagination. If your tour guide isn’t feeling very energetic, there’s even more reason to talk to a random student! You can also look for help or information desks. Those students are used to answering questions.
  3. Come Prepared with Questions: Use the same list of questions at all the schools you visit so you can adequately compare and contrast the schools you’re visiting. Take lots of pictures too!

After checking out the above video, be sure and click here to find the referenced article and printable checklist.

Sallie Mae’s Facebook Live series continues on July 16, when Winnie will discuss last minute paying for college tips. Be sure and tune in, and follow our partner Sallie Mae for more college tips and information. We’ll be joining them again for more Facebook Live events.

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