Summer College Visit Checklist

It’s time to jump in the car and crank the A/C. Are you ready for summer college visits? We have an extensive Summer College Visit Checklist (both below and in this handy printable PDF with checkboxes, even) to make things easier for you.

Before You Get In the Car

  • Research the tour times and departmental summer schedule
  • Make appointments to talk to an admissions counselor and financial aid counselor
  • Make an appointment with a professor or instructor in your major or interested subjects
  • Can you stay overnight in a dorm? If not, book a hotel
  • Use mapping apps (like Waze) to figure out the traffic and best times to leave
  • Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Refillable water bottles, sunscreen, good walking shoes are musts
  • Do some IG hashtag research. See what students are doing on their own and what the university’s social media is like
  • Make a great playlist (and ask for your passenger’s input too)

Once You’re On-Campus

  • Get there early for your campus tour to poke around
  • Take lots of pictures on your campus tour
  • Talk to your tour guide. Need help with some questions?
  • Meet with admissions counselors and the financial aid office
  • Then, take a walk around the campus by yourself
  • Find the student newspaper and other student publications ─ department newsletters, reviews, etc.

Once You’re Off-Campus

  • Walk (or drive) around the college town
  • Figure out how students get around off campus — are there buses? Is it easily walkable?
  • What’s the closest grocery store or mall? Movie theater? Concert venue?
  • What’s the most popular off campus restaurant. On campus dining is fun for a while, but you will grow bored of it

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Room and Board

  • Spend a night in a dorm
  • Eat some meals in the on-campus dining hall(s)
  • Check out alternative living arrangements: Theme-specific housing, Greek life, or off-campus housing opportunities

Talk the Talk

  • Get over your fear of talking to strangers! Ask students why they chose the school or what they would change about it
  • Ask them what they do on weekends and breaks
  • What are their favorite things to do?

Investigate Your Major

  • Meet with professors or instructors in your major or interested subjects
  • Attend a class
  • Investigate the career planning office

What did we miss? What would you add to a summer college visit checklist?

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