Your College Student and Social Media: Creating Communities Before Move-In

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Updated June 3, 2020

Worried about your new college student and social media? Now that it’s summer, phones are lifelines to their friends. They’re not seeing them everyday (or at all due to COVID-19 worries), and they’re also redefining those friendships. Now that high school is over. But what if I told you they’re actually meeting new college friends, finding roommates, and virtually visiting dorm rooms and lecture halls months before they’re even packed to move? Students are using social media to “move-in” now.

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Yes, all that time is being spent on Instagram and Snapchat, and even “old people” Facebook. By using hashtags, memes, and emojis, they’re learning about the other students they’ll be living and learning with this fall.

For example, my student originally decided to let her university housing office randomly assign her a roommate. She joined a “2023” university Facebook group and began reading other new freshmen posts. Many said they were looking for roommates, providing some information about themselves and an invitation to check out their pics on Instagram. She ended up finding a roommate this way, through their own vetting process. They’ve requested each other through housing now and are busy making plans together.

Using social media in this way, due to current events, could give students a sense of peace. Knowing what standards their roommate might keep as to cleanliness would be one less worry, in the “new normal” of coronavirus protection.

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It’s important to actively support your student as they meet and research their university through social media. Remember this generation are visual learners and sharers. Videos and pictures are how they process information. So sharing a public or private Instagram account as a tool for students get to know each other makes sense.

Social Media: Not Just for Students

Parents, you too, can research and read up on your student’s new social media communities as well as joining parent meet-up and support groups. Explore Facebook groups and surrounding college town communities.

Tell us on our social media how you’re using social media to learn about your new university!

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