Winter College Visits: Why You Should Hit the Road Over Winter and Spring Breaks

winter college visits

Brrrr. It’s cold out there. Just want to hunker down under some blankets and… wait. Nope. It might be winter, but January through April is the prime time for high school juniors to be hitting the road for winter college visits.

Yes, students, sorry. We know you might not be terribly excited about trading spring break beach plans for college visits, but junior spring semester is going to be a lot less hectic than your senior fall semester, and summer is going to fly by (and summer isn’t a great time to visit colleges; more on that in a minute).

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So that leaves Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, Presidents’ Day Weekend in February, and spring breaks throughout March and April, depending on your school system. These times have a very important element on college campuses that you’re not going to get over the summer: Students.

In-Session Visits Are The Best Visits

Colleges and universities absolutely have students on campus over the summer, but it’s not going to be the same vibe that you’ll get during an actual semester/quarter visit. Seeing the school in action is important to understanding it.

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Sports will be going on (if your prospective school is a basketball school, see if you can get tickets!) What are the students wearing? Where are they hanging out (inside and outside, and around the town?) See if you can sit in on a class or tour a department you’re interested in. See how you feel in the environment. The “do I fit in here” feeling is important.

Winter Road Warriors

So get some wintery road trip plans together! If you’re in a cold area of the country, be sure and check the weather in and through your destinations often, and follow the schools’ social media to double check for weather-related closings or delays. Importantly, check their websites, and call admissions offices to confirm tours and current conditions. It’ll help with that packing list.

Be sure and winterize your car if you need to! An extra gallon of windshield wiper fluid and a blanket in the car is smart, along with some other emergency supplies. Get your car checked over if you can too.

And hey, play a tropical beach playlist while you’re cruising along during your winter college visits. It’ll help you look forward to warm weekend at the beach after you’ve gotten the majority of your college visits completed now.

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