University of California… Dreaming? or Arizona or Florida? 5 Warm College Campuses to Beat the Cold Weather

Are the words “polar vortex” scarier than “financial aid” and “SAT scores”? Are you looking to ditch your parka, and escape to sunny and warm colleges or universities for four years? Some warm-state students crave seeing snow! So if you’d like to trade with them, and you’ve had enough of the cold and want a flip-flop only college experience, read on. There are lots of great warm college and universities to check out.

Photo Credit: UCLA

University of California: Average temps from 72-69°

The University of California is actually ten different campuses, located throughout the state. The super famous UCLA is in, of course, Los Angeles, home to Hollywood and movie stars. Other gorgeously warm campuses that’ll melt the ice right off of you are UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Cruz. Tuition varies from campus to campus, as do room and board rates.  Check out their websites.

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University of Florida: Average temp 69°

Pack your Mickey ears and head to Florida! Located in the middle of the state in Gainesville, the University of Florida is the fifth largest university campus by enrollment in the U.S.  Atlantic beaches are about an hour and a half to the east, the Gulf of Mexico an hour to the west, and Disneyworld about two hours south. Out-of-state annual cost to attend is around $40,000 per year.

University of Arizona: Average temp 71°

Looking for less ocean and more desert? The University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona is your place. Sure, it can get really cold at night, but you’re not going to see snow. In fact, Tucson averages less than 30 rainy days a year.  Cost of attendance for an out-of-state undergraduate student is approximately $54,000 per year.

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University of Texas at Austin: Average temp 69°

Austin, Texas has everything from cowboys and Tex Mex food to the famous South By Southwest (SXSW) festival, and it also has the University of Texas at Austin. Like California, there are several warm colleges within the University of Texas system, but Austin is the flagship campus. Out-of-state sticker price is around $52,000 per year.

University of Hawaii: Average temp 77°

Photo Credit: University of Hawai’i

If we’re going to dream, let’s dream big. The University of Hawai’i has ten campuses (three universities and seven community colleges) across the Hawaiian Islands. The University of Hawai’i at Manoa in Honolulu is the largest, and probably the easiest to get to from the mainland. Out-of-state students will pay around $52,000 a year… not counting airfare! But you’d have a waiting list of visitors coming to see you!

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