8 Test Prep Books To Help Improve Your SAT and ACT Scores

Here’s a secret a lot of people seem to have forgotten: Books work. And SAT and ACT test prep books work too. Why? How you read, and on what, impacts your memory retention.  Studies have shown that human readers remember things better on “analog” pages… and even more importantly, they mistakenly believe they THINK they are better at understanding information they’re read on digital sources. Ouch!

book gif

That’s not to say that we don’t love online test prep like Khan Academy and our partner Higher Scores Test Prep. They’re great as well, and should be part of your test prep repertoire. But don’t make them the only way you study for the SAT and the ACT test. Vary it up!

8 Test Prep Books

Here are some books to start with, and you’re welcome to search for more!

Also, because we’re happy bookworms, check out these fun 14 Facts About Books And Bookworms.

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