Report: August 25 SAT Test Leaked Online

Reports surfaced on Monday, August 27 that the SAT exam taken by thousands of students on Saturday, August 25 may have been leaked.

According to Inside Higher Ed, questions used may have been circulated via social media in South Korea and China. The exam was not given outside the United States.

Social Media Sharing

Individuals took to Twitter and WeChat to share pictures and screenshots of the August 2018 test.

The College Board responded to these allegations on Tuesday, August 27 with the following statement via Twitter:

For those of you who have asked about the SAT test on Saturday, Aug.  25/Sunday, Aug. 26, we do not comment on the specifics of test form and/or question usage, in order to protest the security of our tests. Most multiple-choice from the August SAT test will be available online on Sept. 7 as planned.

As part of our comprehensive approach to test security, after every test administration, we take additional quality control steps before scores are released, including conducting a comprehensive statistical analysis of certain test scores. If we determine students have gained an unfair advantage, we will take appropriate actions, including cancelling test scores, and in some cases, prohibiting them from taking another College Board assessment. The vast majority of students follow our test security policies and our efforts are focused on identifying those who did not.

Also, the board said it does not comment on whether a particular test was compromised.

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Scores will be available for this exam on September 7, 2018. Any student who may have questions should contact the College Board directly.

Additionally,  you can read more at Inside Higher Ed and Newsday.

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