Because It’s Going to Happen: How to Drink Safely In College

how to drink safely in college

Drink safely if you’re going to drink at all

College is a time for self discovery and exploration. For some, this means reading books from your new favorite author on the quad. For others, this means drinking in frat basements. For many, this means both.

Drinking in college is okay, even commonplace, but there are some safe practices to follow to ensure that you and your friends drink safely and stay safe.

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Never drive

With services like Uber and Lyft, there’s no reason to ever drive while drinking. If you do find yourself in a situation where you are intoxicated and need a ride home other than Lyft and Uber, there are many campuses that have services that will take you home.

No friends left behind

When you go out with your friends, make sure to keep tabs on each other. If one of your friends decides to go off on their own, be sure to message them and ask for updates. Using apps like “Find My Friends” can be helpful in situations like this.

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Drink lots of water

If you don’t stay hydrated while drinking, your night will be short and the next morning will be painful. After every drink, do yourself a favor and have a glass of water.

Eat lots of food before going out

Or if you’re like me, before, during, and after.

Get all of your friends together and order a giant pizza, and treat yourself to at least two slices. If you don’t eat, you’ll get drunk – fast.

Pace yourself

Everyone has a different tolerance, so listen to your body. If you start feeling the effects of alcohol, wait before getting your next drink. Binge drinking may seem fun at the time, but it can be extremely dangerous.

Designate a sober friend

Having a sober friend there to make sure everyone gets home safely is always a good idea. When you’ve been drinking, you are more likely to make stupid decisions or get yourself in trouble. However, if you have a sober friend, they can help make sure you don’t get in these situations in the first place. They can also help you get out of these situations as a last resort.

Updated February 13, 2020

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