The Fight Against the Freshman 15

Before I even set foot on my college’s campus, I had heard the spooky “Freshman 15” rumors. I wrote it off as a myth, but as my freshman year drew to a close, I noticed something – I had gained 25 pounds.

Maybe it’s the stress of being away from home for the first time, or the absence of your mom telling you to eat a vegetable once in a while, but weight gain during your freshman year of college is common.

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Here are some tips to try and curb collegiate weight gain:

Join a gym

Most college campuses have a gym that students can use. Typically, the use of weights or the indoor track is free of charge, but classes or training are extra. However, if you’re like me and need someone to yell at you while exercising to stay motivated, these services are usually not too expensive. In fact, they are usually much less expensive than joining a third party gym.

If your school does not have a gym on campus, Planet Fitness is notoriously cheap at $10 a month. There are probably plenty of local gyms in your area that offer a discount to students as well.

Walk to class

This is an easy way to shed some pounds while enjoying a nice day on campus. Download your favorite playlist on Spotify or a good podcast and try to walk to class at least a few times a week. I recently started doing this, and while it’s hard to get into the habit, it becomes sort of therapeutic after a while.

Don’t ‘treat yo self’ all the time

I love ‘Parks and Recreation’ as much as the next gal, but I found that I was following the Tom and Donna mantra of ‘treat yo self’ a little too literally and a little too often.

Living on campus with a meal plan is awesome. The world is your oyster and if you want to have ice cream for all three meals, there’s no one to stop you. Unfortunately, eating junk food all the time will catch up to you. If you have a bad day or need to assuage the occasional craving, that’s fine. Just don’t let it become an everyday thing.

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