How to Survive Your First Finals Season

You’ve heard the horror stories about that one guy who spent 27 hours straight in the library. No matter what you do, finals season is rough. But there are some things you can do to get you through to winter or summer break.

Take Care of Yourself

This is first for a reason; don’t take it lightly. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to perform when you need to most.

So sleep when you’re tired, but work hard. Be sure to eat, and take brief breaks often. It sounds self explanatory, but I’ve seen too many students push themselves into the deep end and then get disappointed with their results.

Study With Friends

Note cards are great, but the best way to learn something inside and out is to teach it to someone else. When you study with friends, you afford yourself that opportunity. Also, studying with friends makes work seem less like, well, work. They’ll also keep you from falling asleep and from checking Twitter (again) when you need to stay focused.

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Be careful to not stray too far from your work. Your friends will understand when you need to put your headphones in and focus.

Choose Your Playlist Wisely

A killer playlist is needed for any activity, but especially for studying. I’ve found that music with words can be way too distracting, while classical music honestly just puts me to sleep. However, I’ve found a happy medium – movie scores. They’re compelling, dramatic, and inspiring enough to keep you awake without distracting you by having lyrics you can sing along with.

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Everything Will Be Okay

You will graduate. You may have to drop or retake a class, but you will graduate, even if you bomb a final or two along the way.

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