Do More Than Graduate. Get Involved.

Get involved!

That means more than just eating at some restaurants in  town. 

Moving to a college town is exciting. There are new friends to be had, new restaurants and shops to explore, and new cultures to experience and learn about. However, what a lot of college students don’t realize is there is so much more to a community than that.

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Throughout my college career, I’ve found the majority of my peers have never cared about the local area. They’re leaving in four years once they get their degree, moving onto bigger and better things. So, why the heck should they care about life outside of campus?

“You get out what you put in.”

For a short period of time, this is fine. And for most people, this is all they want out of college. That’s okay, but the old saying that my mom used to repeat to me over and over again rings true – you get out what you put in.

As a journalism major, I am constantly pushed to go out into the community I’ve called home for the past three and a half years and talk to people.

I’m not just talking about other college students or professors. I’m talking about real people who live in my community year round. The people who have put up with the traffic us crazy college kids cause on game day, the loud parties at all hours of the night, and the awful parking situation that is downtown during the academic year.

…once in awhile, be sure to get out of the bubble and out into your neighborhood.

Doing extracurriculars is great. But once in awhile, be sure to get out of the bubble and out into your neighborhood. Ask people questions, really get to know who your neighbors are – you just might make lifelong connections.

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Oftentimes, I look back at what my college career could have been like up until this point if I didn’t have such a passion for my most recent home. I can say that not only has my time in Blacksburg been enriched by the people of the New River Valley, but so has my overall character.

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