College Twins: Finding Our Own Paths

Hi, my name is Olivia and I was born on a summer day around 18 years ago. Oh, did I mention that my sister, Madeline, was born at the same time as me? Well, two minutes before me, but basically the same time. And before you ask, no, we do not look like each other, and no, we’re not identical; we’re fraternal. (I know they’re the same question, but they both get asked almost every time.) We look so different that people don’t even think we’re sisters. We’re also pretty different in personality and in interests.

We Chose Our Own Paths

Both of us just finished our first year of college and are getting ready to start our second year. Here’s the catch, though: we go to completely different schools. I ended up at Hollins University, an all-women’s liberal arts school with a population of 639 undergraduates, while she chose Virginia Tech, a more science based school with a population of 25,384 undergraduates. It’s a 45-minute drive between us, which isn’t too bad, but it was still surprising how little we get to see each other with how close our schools are.

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We went from going to the same school and seeing each other every day to a phone call maybe once or twice a month.

Growing up we always had to share things. We shared the same room for the first ten years of our lives, until Madeline moved next door to me in what used to be the office. When we were younger we shared outfits and toys, but as we grew older we shared books and would raid each other’s closets. Now her door is not two steps away and we must text each other to see if we can call (to make sure the other one is not busy). We went from going to the same school and seeing each other every day to a phone call maybe once or twice a month.

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We Are Twins, But We Are Not The Same Person

We chose our own paths and made our own friend groups at our separate schools. Both of us are happy with our decisions and we get to have our own college experiences without relying on each other or worrying about embarrassing each other.College Twins - Different Paths

I get to study English in a wonderful liberal arts school, while she gets to study economics in a school that specializes in math and sciences. If you are a twin, there is no pressure for you to go to the same exact school because I found we both were able to find our happy places — in separate places.

About the author: Olivia is an English major at Hollins University, a twin sister, and a happy poodle owner. We look forward to hearing more about her adventures in taking advantage of the many opportunities a women’s college affords!

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