Why Choose a Women’s College?

Hollins University students enjoy the benefits of a women's college

Go to a Women’s College?! Why?

I was put on the college search path from a fairly young age. I was an honors student in high school with extracurricular activities to boot and as an elementary student I didn’t eat all that much glue.

I applied to nine schools in all, each for different reasons. Some schools I’d known all my life, others were simple name drops that required backup options (shout out Harvard; you’re missing out), and others I had never heard of but had free applications. What could I lose?

I saw the words “private women’s college” and immediately put the card at the bottom of my stack.

Why a women's college? Hollins University has much to offer

Hollins University Library

As it turns out, I had everything to gain. I received a small, scenic postcard from Hollins University. I saw the words “private women’s college” and immediately put the card at the bottom of my stack, only applying when I received a thick envelope full of scholarly flattery and a waived application fee.

“It wouldn’t hurt to just apply,” my mother said.

“Fine, but I am not going to a women’s college unless something REALLY goes wrong,” I had told her. I wasn’t keen on being trapped within what I guessed was a modern convent. I was impressed by the stats on the success of graduates from all female universities but far from giving up my coed classroom. I put in my deposit for a coed university instead.

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But then one night, I was going over the pros and cons list on the fridge in the back of my head, trying to convince myself I had made the right choice. Even though I didn’t really like the community where I’d deposited, my major’s program wasn’t prioritized, and it was actually more expensive than Hollins. So why was I even going there?

The answer? Boys. I found myself embarrassed with the answer, but knew it was true.

Was I really going to college just to find a husband?! I almost retched at the thought. Here I was, a woman with a future full of buying all my own diamonds, basing my academic decisions on a little eye candy during Literary Theory 101? I quickly repented. Luckily, I was able to slip my way into Hollins class of 2020 and have never been happier with second guessing myself.

According to Forbes women coming from an all female university have a better capacity to lead.

Let me tell you some things you can read on the brochure for a women’s college:

According to Forbes women coming from an all female university have a better capacity to lead. “20% of the women in Congress, and (women) represent 30% of Businessweek’s list of rising women America.”

Considering only 2% of female American graduates attended a women’s college, these numbers are beyond coincidence.

Not only this but women who go to women’s universities are more likely to graduate on time, are 14% more likely to intern during college, garner higher ratings in preparation and creative ability from their first jobs, and report 58% more than public university graduates of having developed more self-confidence and initiative.

Benefits that aren’t on the women’s college brochure include:

Everyone sings along to Beyonce, walking home safe from the library at night, the person next to you usually smells nice and shares their food, there’s really no drama since the guys aren’t there to be petty, and you never get cat-called. Just to name a few.

Here it is short and sweet though: This is my safe space, my little sanctuary, Hollins is a home.

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Updated July 2019

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