Four Tips You Need to Know Before You Visit Colleges by Sallie Mae®


For high school students, especially rising juniors and seniors, the summer months aren’t just for vacations and seasonal jobs. They’re also an ideal time to begin visiting colleges. Make the most of college visits with these four essential tips:

1.Outline a plan of action.

A little planning can go a long way. Prioritize your search and rank the schools you plan to visit on an itinerary beforehand. Register for upcoming tours and information sessions on the school’s website, and if you’re unable to get a firsthand look at the campus in person, check to see if the school offers a virtual tour. You can also use Sallie Mae’s® College Planning Calculator to research expenses in advance and to estimate the current and future cost of any school.

2.Study the key points.

Remember that when it comes to paying for college, tuition will be a major expense, but it won’t be the only one. Additional fees may include housing, meal plans, transportation expenses, and course supplies. Stop by the campus bookstore and, after you’ve chosen your favorite school T-shirt, ask about the average costs for books. Don’t forget to check out off-campus bookstores to inquire about pre-owned books and materials.

3.Don’t skip class!

Check the academic calendar to see when classes will be in session, and ask the admissions staff if you can attend. Believe it or not, some classes are ongoing in the summer. While you’re there, make an effort to talk to professors and current students! In addition to your tour guide, you can learn more about the academics and culture on campus chatting to people on campus. Visit the student center, dorms, and dining halls, as well as surrounding off-campus areas to see if it feels like somewhere you can see yourself spending the next several years.

4.Review your notes before selecting the final answer.

To help jog your memory once you get back home, take notes and photos while touring each campus. Be sure to keep track of likes and dislikes. Sallie Mae’s® College Ahead App features a College Scorecard to effectively compare and rank the colleges you visit. It also has a calendar to help track important milestones and application deadlines.

Sallie Mae’s best advice? Students and families should follow its 1-2-3 approach to paying for college: first, maximize money that does not need to be repaid, such as scholarships and grants; second, explore federal student loans; and, third, consider a responsible private student loan.

For free planning-for-college resources, visit Sallie Mae.



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