Dorm Items You Actually Need

10 dorm items that will make life easier

Important: Before you run out and buy a bunch of dorm items, make sure you check your college’s move-in rules. Not everything you want is allowed (ex. some schools don’t allow bed risers), and some dorms come better equipped than others (no need to buy a trash can if every room already has two).

Dorm items not on the usual lists

There are plenty of lists out there for college dorm items to buy before move-in. (You know the type — sponsored by your local bed & bath superstore, chock full of stuff like perfectly matched comforter sets, sheets, towels, and a shower caddy — which you should totally get — and don’t forget shower shoes!) However, there are some items you may not have considered.

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Here, off the beaten dorm shopping path, are some lesser-known dorm items that will make life easier.

1. Washi Tape
If your roommate’s phone and laptop charger are twins of your own, Washi Tape to the rescue! Your roomie will never accidentally run off to class with your leaf-covered charger. Also a nice way to decorate your door so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s door at 2 a.m. More info.
2. Duck Tape
Duck Tape fixes all, and patterned Duck Tape can only be better. We’ll say no more. More info.
3. Alarm Clock
It’s good to have a dedicated alarm clock, so you don’t have to have your cell phone next to your head all night. (You  know the experts say that’s a bad idea, right?) More info.
4. Alarm For Sound Sleepers
Need a little more of a nudge to wake up than just an alarm? You have to actually get up and place your feet on Ruggie. More info.
5. Command Hooks
How people moved into dorms before the invention of Command Hooks is a mystery for future archaeologists to unravel. We’re just glad they’re available now! More info.
6. Fan
Don’t even think about moving in to a dorm room without a fan. You may think you can make it without one, but you will need it. Guaranteed. More info.
7. Desk Lamp
Don’t even think about moving in to a residence hall without a desk lamp. Yes, we know that’s exactly what we said about a fan above. That’s because a desk lamp is equally important — unless you like squinting to read under a mediocre overhead light, in which case, who are we to judge? More info.
8. Hangers
Your room will have a closet, but no hangers. Bring some, or you’ll wind up pulling wrinkled clothes out of a pile much earlier in the semester than anyone was expecting. More info.
9. Reading Pillow
Odds are very high that you’re going to wind up reading or typing in your bed the night before something is due. Might as well be comfortable while you’re doing so, instead of propping yourself up against an unforgiving cinder block wall. More info.
9. Lap Desk
While you can probably survive without a lap desk, it sure is a nice-to-have when you’re trying to concentrate on your homework instead of juggling book, pen, phone, and whatever else you need around you when you’re studying someplace besides your desk. More info.
10. Power Strip
A good power strip is a must for charging and protecting your various devices. Having one with some USB ports is handy. More info.

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