Good Graduation Gifts

Graduation gifts that aren’t totally lame

Are you about to give up and buy a stuffed animal holding a diploma as your contribution to the graduation gifts? Read on for some ideas that are a little outside of the usual, and that won’t duplicate a certain “going places” book that auntie probably already bought.

1. A good planner
In this day of electronic calendars and hyper-connectedness, you’d be surprised at the number of grads who will love the feel and “realness” of an old-fashioned planner. They’re classic for a reason. Buy now.
2. A good book
While you may be tempted to buy something philosophical for the graduation milestone, it’s highly likely that two other people have already done so. The savvy grad will appreciate solid, practical tips, like in this Suze Orman money book, that they can use right now. Buy now.
3. A good flash drive Everyone needs a flash drive. Might as well have one that fits on a neck chain or key chain so they’ll have it when they need it. This is one of those items that is often needed, but isn’t always on those “be sure to pack” lists. Go for a unique wearable flash drive like the one at left, or explore fun novelty options like a favorite cartoon character. Buy now.
4. A good tool set Anyone moving to a new place will need some basic tools, so a good tool set will come in handy for many moves to come. You don’t have to have a high-quality hammer to hang pictures, but any hammer is better than a shoe! While a new graduate could make do without this, having the right tools makes any job easier. Hey, look at that — it’s a graduation gift and a life lesson. Buy now.
5.A good piece of luggage Graduation is a good time to learn that you can’t always get by with a backpack and a ratty duffel. Buying a nice suitcase like the one at left will help your grad show up looking serious about the next step in the journey. Buy now.

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