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19% of college costs were covered by scholarships in academic year 2015-16, according to How America Pays for College 2016, the national study by Sallie Mae® and Ipsos.2 Take advantage of this valuable source of free money by applying for scholarships as part of your college financing strategy.

To encourage students to explore scholarship opportunities, we’re giving away $1,000 every month in our Plan for College Sweepstakes.1 You can enter for free when you register for Sallie Mae® Scholarship Search at It’s your all-access pass to millions of scholarships offering free money for college.

Smash the scholarship myths

Wondering if you’ll qualify for scholarships, or if it’ll be too much work to find the right ones? Read these popular myths and get the facts.

Myth: Scholarships are just for jocks and geniuses.

Fact: There are millions of scholarships out there for every talent, skill, and background, from vegetarians to roller skaters to Star Trek buffs.

Myth: A few hundred dollars won’t make a difference.

Fact: Every little bit helps. This free money doesn’t need to be paid back, and that means fewer loans. At the very least, a few hundred dollars can help pay for textbooks or other expenses.

Myth: There aren’t any scholarships if you’re in college.

Fact: Did you know that 50% of scholarships are available for college students?3 If you don’t search for them each year, you could miss out on valuable free money for school.

Myth: It’s hard to find a good, reputable scholarship search tool.

Fact: There are a number of free, reputable scholarship search sites. One is Sallie Mae® Scholarship Search.

Once you register for free, and create your profile, you’ll have access to more than 5 million scholarships worth $24 billion. Plus, you can set up account alerts so you’re notified when a new scholarship match is available.

1. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. See official rules for details.
2. How America Pays for College, Sallie Mae and Ipsos, 2016.
3. Source: Sallie Mae Scholarship Search database.

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