Oscar Nominees 2017

Oscar nominees 2017 come from a variety of backgrounds, and are honored for more than just acting.

Some Oscar nominees 2017 and their college backgrounds

From college to career to … “The envelope please!”

Not all Oscar nominees 2017 were drama majors. Here we showcase five colleges that have alumni nominated for a 2017 Academy Award in various categories.

Five colleges with Oscar nominees 2017 among their alumni: Oscar nominees 2017 and their colleges

St. Lawrence University – Viggo Mortensen for Best Actor “Captain Fantastic”

Yale and Vassar – Meryl Streep for Best Actress “Florence Foster Jenkins”

New York University – Kenneth Lonergan for Best Director “Manchester by the Sea”

Harvard – Justin Hurwitz for Best Original Score “La La Land”*

Harvard – Damien Chazelle for Best Original Screenplay “La La Land”*

From music to screenwriting, art to drama, you can create a path to any destination. The St. Lawrence University Oscar connection is wide — from Best Actor to statistical analyses.

St. Lawrence alumnus Viggo Mortensen (1980) is nominated for Best Actor.

“In life, it’s the effort you make to try and understand [that] keeps you alive and open. It is more important to ask questions than to find answers.” -Viggo Mortensen

St. Lawrence alumna Bailey O’Keeffe (2016) has worked on a 2016 statistical analysis of Oscar nominations when #OscarsSoWhite was trending and this year on an analysis of gender discrepancies in screen time.

“Perhaps then the key to increasing female representation on screen — and thus character depth — is to hire more female directors who are more likely to distribute screen time evenly between male and female leads since most male directors seem to only be reinforcing this significant gender gap,” O’Keeffe said.

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