Admitted Early Decision? Don’t Lose Your Offer

Updated January 29, 2020

So, you’ve been admitted early decision. Good job! Now don’t lose your offer. (What?!)

Think you’re all set and you can cruise through the rest of your senior year, now that you’ve been admitted early decision? Not so fast.

Remember, your college is expecting you to send your mid-year grades and your final transcript. They care what’s on those documents.

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When Action Is Taken

Your college is paying attention, and if they see a big slip in academic performance, they’ll take action. “Action” could mean a warning letter, or — if the circumstances are severe — it could mean they pull your offer.

No joke. Every year, a number of very sad students find out their admissions offers have been rescinded due to poor senior year academic performance. (For your information, offers also can be pulled due to other poor judgement, such as illegal activity.) Rest assured, pulling offers brings no joy to the admissions officers, but they take their mission of admitting students seriously and will not hesitate.

The number of students whose offers are pulled due to academics is low, thankfully, but many more get a warning letter when mid-year grades come in with low marks. Most students take heed at that point and get the grade trends headed back in the right direction, before it’s too late.

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Take a look at your offer letter and the checklist that came with it. Note the wording that the offer is contingent upon continued academic success (or words to that effect). Colleges require spring grades from their admits, as well as final official transcripts, to seal the deal.

Your college will be looking for your mid-year grades as soon as they’re available, and then for your final transcript after graduation. If you were admitted early decision, make sure they don’t have to prompt you to send them. Hopefully what you have to send looks good!

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