Scholarship Searches Don’t Take a Holiday

Make scholarship searches part of your plans for school Monica Matthews, Scholarship Editor

As the long break approaches, high school and college students everywhere are looking forward to kicking back, sleeping in, and basically taking it easy for a few non-stressful weeks.

Although it may be tempting, using this free time to do a whole lot of nothing is not a good idea if you’re hoping to win college scholarship money.

Here are three quick tips that will truly motivate you or your student to get off the couch and work on scholarship searches and applications during the holidays:

1. Be in it Together – Parents, assure your students that you will work alongside them, finding scholarships and noting the important details. Do not just say to them, “Make sure you do a few scholarships while you are off of school”. Trust me, this does NOT work.

2. Schedule Scholarship Work – It could be 30 minutes a day, 4 hours on the weekend, or half a day in a favorite coffee shop with free wifi. Whatever time works that is mutually agreed upon in advance is added to the calendar and treated as important and essential.

3. Make it a Numbers Game – Keep in the forefront of your mind that working on a scholarship that is worth $1000 for two hours is like making $500 an hour if it is won. Also important to remember is the fact that the more scholarships that are applied for, the better chances a student has of winning.

How are you planning on fitting in scholarship work during the long break?

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