Four Red Flags To Help You Avoid College Scholarship Scams

If you search the word “scholarships,” you will instantly have access to hundreds of pages sharing college scholarships for students. But which are real?

Definitely not all of them.

Unfortunately, many of the scholarship “opportunities” listed are click-bait designed by companies whose main goal is to get as much information as possible from unsuspecting students.

How do parents and students differentiate between real scholarship offers and scholarship scams?

Here are four points to be on the lookout for:

• If it costs money to apply to a scholarship, it is most likely a scam.
• Consider the website — if there are spelling or grammar errors, it may be a scam.
• Review the website to see if it feels legitimate. Follow your gut and if something seems off, it may be a scam.
• Google can be your friend!  Do a search on the name and see what people are saying!

On, I frequently receive messages from companies and organizations offering scholarships to students. They ask if I would help spread the word about their scholarship opportunities with my blog readers.

Also, I have noticed a sharp increase of shady or questionable scholarships, mostly because of the information obtained after going to the page that shares the scholarship guidelines and requirements. The pages are filled with grammar and spelling errors!

Lastly, I caution parents and students to not waste their valuable time applying for scholarships that show signs of being scholarship scams. A few more red flags to watch for are those scholarships that require student social security numbers or sites that guarantee a student will win a certain amount of money (usually for a fee). Click away from these sites and only apply for scholarships that seem legitimate.

Have you ever come across a scholarship opportunity that seemed like a scam?

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