Trusted Eyes Find College Scholarship Mistakes

Find college scholarship mistakes before you submit.

Today wraps up my series on applying for college scholarships using the S-M-A-R-T method with the “T”.

T = Trusted eyes

When filling out applications, writing essays, and arranging required materials to submit or send to organizations offering college scholarship money, students should ALWAYS have at least two pairs of trusted eyes review their work to find college scholarship mistakes.



• Material that is read several times by the writer becomes very familiar. Our brains begin to fill in missing details because we know what is supposed to be there, but may not catch that it actually isn’t.

• Spell-check will not catch grammar mistakes.

• Grammar-check does not know the point that the student is trying to make.

• Ideas that seem clear to the writer because he or she has lived the details may seem fuzzy to another person and need clarity.

• Lack of proofreading is a major cause of scholarship application rejection.

Students need to utilize trusted eyes belonging to educated and knowledgeable individuals who know and care about the student. The trusted people reading the scholarship work should not attempt to re-write the essay and let the student’s true voice and personality get lost, however, as scholarship judges can easily distinguish between a nicely proofread essay and one that has been written for the student.

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T – Trusted eyes

Are you applying S-M-A-R-T?

Remember, it’s not IF you apply, but HOW you apply that gives students a better chance of winning college scholarships.

What tips do you have for students trying to win money for school? Please share them in the comments section below!

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