Win More College Scholarships with The SMART Method

It’s smart to apply for scholarships and how you apply can be smart, too!

by Monica Matthews, Scholarship Editor

win more college scholarshipsIn my never-ending quest to share college scholarship advice and tips, I often hear about frustrated students who can’t understand why they did not win any college scholarships. They boldly tweet or post online, “I applied for tons of scholarships and didn’t win any!” Many students blame the system with comments like, “Scholarships are only for kids at the top of the class or minority students.”

My first thought when I hear these complaints is to wonder if they applied SMART.

What is applying SMART?

Applying SMART means having a check-list of mandatory details that must be reviewed and utilized for each and every scholarship application before it is submitted.

It means treating all applications as if each one is the student’s best work possible — a masterpiece that is sure to impress the scholarship judges.

Applying SMART makes sure each of these points are utilized and addressed:

S-Share personal details
M-Market yourself
A-Answer the essay question
R-Review guidelines
T-Trusted eyes

In the coming weeks, I will examine each part of applying SMART and go into specific details for each step. Students who use this method will learn how to submit more complete scholarship applications and increase their chances of winning more college scholarships.

It’s just plain smart to apply SMART!

Next week’s tip: How sharing personal details can make or break a college scholarship application.


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