The SMART Method: S = Share Personal Details

When writing your scholarship essay, share personal details. This is a great way to be S-M-A-R-T when applying!

by Monica Matthews, Scholarship Editor Scholarship essay writers should share personal details to stand out from the crowd.

Last week’s tip introduced the S-M-A-R-T method of applying for college scholarships. Let’s go into greater detail about each part of this method today, starting with S-Share Personal Details.

Scholarship judges have a great desire to learn more about each applicant and the essay is usually the only chance a student has to share personal details that are not included when filling out the boxes on each application. They want to know exactly why the student would be the best choice in representing their organization as their final choice for a winner.

Students need to view the scholarship essay as an opportunity to set themselves apart from the many other applicants.

Their goal should be to prove to the judges that they are the very best choice and deserve to win the scholarship money. To do this, students can tell a story in their writing about how they have overcome personal obstacle in their lives, making sure to share specific details including feelings, lessons learned, and life changes made. Every effort should be made into avoiding turning personal details into a sob story, however, as this can have a negative effect. Students need to write from their hearts in a mature fashion and use their personal stories to answer the essay question completely, keeping it relevant to the prompt provided.

Sharing personal details in the scholarship essay is something that each student trying to win money for college must do. Next week I will share the second part of the S-M-A-R-T applying method, M – Market yourself, another great way of standing out from the crowd and getting noticed by the judges.

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