The SMART Method: M = Market Yourself Wisely

When writing your scholarship essay, use these tips to market yourself wisely. This is a great way to be S-M-A-R-T when applying!

by Monica Matthews, Scholarship Editor Market yourself wisely when completing scholarship applications and scholarship essays.

To continue the S-M-A-R-T method of applying for college scholarships that I began a few weeks ago, today let’s look at the M – Market Yourself Wisely.

The competition for college scholarships is fierce, but what most people don’t realize is that the majority of students who apply think that they just need to fill out an application, write a quick essay, and submit their work by the required deadline. Applying for scholarships in this day and age is not that simple.

Market yourself wisely.

Students need to market themselves wisely and smartly in order for their applications to stand out and get noticed by the judges. To do this, they need to focus on these tasks:

Align their writing with the background of the organization offering the scholarship money – The essay for a volunteering scholarship should be written about the student’s volunteering experiences.

No essay or very short window to fill in with personal details – Include a link to a personal website showcasing the student’s accomplishments.

Mailed in scholarship packet – Send information in the requested order, include a cover sheet and scholarship resume (if additional information is allowed), and mail in an oversized envelope with the correct postage.

Go over and above for each application – Use the box for “extra information” to share details that are not found anywhere else on the application.

Always type into an application, NEVER fill-in by hand – Learn how to use pdf-to-word conversion sites if the application is not editable.

These are a few of the ways for students to market themselves and allow the judges to clearly see that they are the very best candidate for the scholarship money that is being offered. Come back next week for the A – Answer the Essay Question, and help your student win as many scholarships for college as they possibly can by applying S-M-A-R-T.

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S – Share personal details
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A – Answer the essay question
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Are you applying S-M-A-R-T?

Remember, it’s not IF you apply, but HOW you apply that gives students a better chance of winning college scholarships.


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