College Scholarships with October Deadlines

There are a number of college scholarships with October deadlines just a web search away.

by Monica Matthews, Scholarship Editor

It’s time to fall into scholarships! Scholarships with October deadlines are out there.

Search for college scholarships with October deadlines.

Many students are not yet thinking of applying for college scholarships, so these awards typically will have fewer applicants. Get a head-start on the competition and apply, apply, apply!

Future Engineers Scholarship — Deadline October 14

Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway — Deadline October 17

Horatio Alger College Scholarship — Deadline October 25:

Coca-Cola Scholars Program — Deadline October 31:

DoSomething Create a Banner Scholarship — Deadline October 31

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Learn more about winning college scholarships

Turn over every leaf in your scholarship search. There are options available in the most surprising places. Do a little bit of searching every day and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

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