Campus Leaf Off! Vote for the Most Beautiful Autumn Leaves

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Which college campus has the most beautiful autumn leaves?

Brrrr! It’s getting chilly outside! The bright green leaves of summer are changing into brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. Many people are remembering frosty mornings walking across their alma mater’s campus. Do you remember the crunch of autumn leaves or smell of windy fall day? We do!

But which school is the most beautiful in the fall? Maybe it is a New England school? Or perhaps a campus in the mountains of the Southeast? Does a Rocky Mountain school take the cake when it comes to the most perfect fall postcard?

The First Annual ‘Campus Leaf Off’

The Smart College Visit editors have chosen some of the most beautiful college and university autumn pics that we could find. Now, we’re putting it to a vote! We want to hear from you in our first annual “Leaf Off!”

From today (October 10) through October 28, you can vote for your favorite school (and leaves) as many times as you’d like using the widget at the bottom of this article. If your favorite isn’t on this list, submit your own picture either in the comments below or on Facebook, and we’ll add it to our gallery. Reader pictures will be featured in an upcoming article, too. Your favorite picture might be the key to getting a new high school student interested in your school!

University of Washington

Photo: The Odyssey Online

Photo: The Odyssey Online

It might be “purple pride” on the Seattle campus of the University of Washington, but it looks like the leaves are brilliantly red-orange!

Penn State University

Penn State

Photo: Penn State

While Penn State actually has over 24 campuses around Pennsylvania, many people point to the main campus in State College as the most beautiful.

Virginia Tech


Photo: The Odyssey Online

Virginia Tech’s orange and maroon school colors pretty much scream “autumn.” Just ask a popular bumper sticker seen on campus: “If God isn’t a Hokie, then why do the leaves turn orange and maroon in the fall!”

Colorado State University

Colorado State University zenfolio

Photo: Colorado State University zenfolio

Aspen trees are the stars in Colorado, turning a deep gold. The elevation in the Rocky Mountains makes such a difference!

Cornell University

Photo: Cornell University

Photo: Cornell University

Cornell is unique in the fact that it’s a land-grant university, and an Ivy League one as well.  We bet the 45 Nobel Laureate alumni enjoyed autumn on campus.

Wake Forest University

Photo: Wake Forest University

Photo: Wake Forest University

Nestled in the foothills of the North Carolina mountains, Wake Forest University wasn’t always in Winston-Salem. It moved from Raleigh in 1956 (and probably improved the foliage with that move)!

Emory University

Photo: Best College Values

Photo: Best College Values

Don’t be fooled by Emory’s southern addresses. Some of the most beautiful colors in Atlanta can be found throughout its campus.

University of New Haven


Don’t be thinking UNH is in New Haven … it’s actually in West Haven! UNH’s brick buildings look beautiful against the red maple leaves.

St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence University Facebook

St. Lawrence University Facebook

They take autumn seriously at St. Lawrence University: The Outing Club organizes pumpkin carvings, chainsaw carving demonstrations, cider donuts, caramel apples, and pie eating activities. Mmmmm. Pie!

University of Michigan


Photo: University of Michigan

Ann Arbor’s famous university has over 16,000 trees on campus. That’s a lot of beautiful leaves!

University of Notre Dame


Photo: Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s Gothic architecture is a big part of the Indiana campus. We can’t help but think the reflection off of the Main Building’s gold dome makes the views even more beautiful.


Vote for those leaves, leaf peepers or submit a picture of your own! Also, share this article and get your friends and family to vote, too!

So, forget about raking for a little while longer. Let’s all go get a pumpkin spice latte and enjoy the scenery!

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